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Introducing the Accu-Cull Culling System

The Accu-Cull Culling System is one of those products that comes around that makes you say “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” The Accu-Cull is by far the simplest and most efficient culling system to hit the market. The complete system includes:

– Weight recorder with mounting bracket
– Digital weigh scale with mini grip
– Color-coded culling tags that correspond to the weight recorder for fast retrieval
– Weigh-IN bag
– Grip Saver to extend the life of your rods and nets

For any tourney where you need to weigh and cull fish, Accu-Cull is the product to help you win!

Read on to learn more about each individual component of the innovative Accu-Cull system.

The complete CCU-CULL system



Hold a hook, drop shot, punch weight, or Texas Rig... No more rehooking bait!

– Mounts anywhere along your rod
– 4 O-ring sizes to fit most rods
– Holds line in place
– No more line rubbing or kinks!


To mount: Use O-ring with a snug fit, NOT a tight fit

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending



This is a breakthrough in tagging technology.

ACCU-CULL ELITE ECON Tags have zero pressure when locked.

The tag applies no pressure in the mouth of the fish when locked.

No rubbing, smashing or sores.

7 Tags with floating lanyards.

So Good…they don’t know they are tagged!

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending



The ACCU-CULL ELITE ECON Tag MOD Kit in this bulk pack is set up for you to set your culling tags the way you prefer. Use an existing lanyard of your choice and attach it to the ELITE Econ Tag however you think is best.

This package comes with 7 locking tags that have zero pressure and work incredibly well... No rubbing, smashing or sores on the fish; no tags that won't hold or come out easily.

These are the last culling tags you'll ever need, and they work so well the fish doesn't even know its tagged!

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending

The ACCU-CULL Weight Recorder

You know best what happens when you catch one of them prized fish… You weigh the fish. Your hands are wet. You try to use an erasable Sharpie to record the weight on a piece of laminated paper, right. How easy does that go? No problem with the ACCU-CULL WEIGHT RECORDER. NO Sharpie needed. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK – DONE!

– All Plastic 100% ABS Construction. No Parts to Rust. No Metal Parts.
– Dials Lock into Place Securely and Will Not Shake Out of Position.
– No More Grease Pencil & Board.
– No More Second Guessing Yourself with Electric Recording Systems.
– Livewell Mounting Bracket.


Where It Sticks – It Stays!
Please note that your Livewell may vary in size. Please measure for fit. Find a secure spot in your Livewell lid (our suggestion for mounting). If your Livewell lid has insulation, remove a 4 1/2″ x 8 1/4″ section to allow room to mount the Accu-Cull’s cradle securely to the lid. Take the cradle and apply the 1″ VHB tape to four individual spots on the cradle. Peeling off one side of the tape. Apply to the cradle and once set, peel off the backside and apply to the clean and flat dry area of Livewell. Allow 24 hours for 100% set up.

Mounting the Accu-Cull:
Simply rotate the culling system’s wheel up or down to match the weight of the fish that you put in your Livewell. Pick any scale you want to use, match the numbers in tenths, ounces, hundredths and even kilometers. 9.99 is the highest weight recorded. Common sense says “If you catch a Bass over 10 lbs. you probably won’t cull it.”

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending

The ACCU-CULL Digital Waterproof Scale

Weigh your fish without harming your catch by simply clipping the Mini Grip or full-sized fish grip in the lower jaw.

Product Details:
– Waterproof, 50 kg/110 lb Digital Scale
– Multiple unit settings (kg, lb, lb:oz)
– Weight in 100ths of Pound with Hold Function
– Big LCD Screen with Blue Backlight for easy night weighing
– Auto-lock weight within 1.5 seconds
– Audio bleep when lock the weight
– Automatic on/off function
– Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
– Magnetic hook storage
– Low battery indicator
– Overload protection
– Tare function to zero weighing slings
– Built in thermometer


Power On: Lower Centered Button

Unit Tab:
– Scroll to desired function of kg/lb/oz
– Wait for zero-out (0.00)
– Weigh fish

If you are not sure if weight locked in correctly, take weight off of weight hook, hit reset, zero-out, re-weigh.)

The ACCU-CULL Digital Scale with Mini Grip

Weigh your fish without harming your catch by simply clipping the Mini Grip in the lower jaw.

Product Details:
– Weight in 100ths of Pound with Hold Function
– Big LCD Screen with Blue Backlight
– 55 lb/25 kg Digital Scale
– Unit Measure in kg/lb/oz
– 38" Tape Masure/1 Meter
– Water Resistant
– Requires 2 AAA Batteries
– Auto Shutoff After 50 Seconds
– Over Size Weigh Hook


Power On: Lower Right Button

Unit Tab:
– Scroll to desired function of kg/lb/oz
– Wait for zero-out (0.00)
– Weigh fish

If you are not sure if weight locked in correctly, take weight off of weight hook, hit reset, zero-out, re-weigh.)

Accu-Cull Digital Scale with Mini-Grip (back)

The ACCU-CULL Digital Scale

Accu-Cull Digital Weigh Scale

The normal weighing experience:
Weigh your fish. Measure its length. Tag your fish. Record its weight … if you still remember it.

No problem with the ACCU-CULL DIGITAL SCALE.

Scale shows:
– Weight in Pounds, Ounces, Kilogram
– Temperature in F or °C
– Length in inch and centimeter

– Accurate to 1/100th of one pound with memory function
– 38″ tape measure in handle
– Water resistant
– Auto shutoff
– Oversized hook for weighing fish up to 55 pounds
– Backlit LCD screen

The ACCU-CULL Mini Grip

Accu-Cull Mini Grip

Grip your catch without hurting the fish!

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending
Accu-Cull Mini Grip

The ACCU-CULL Weigh-IN Bag with removable mesh insert

Accu-Cull Weigh-IN Bag

Designed to perform multiple functions for taking your fish to weigh in.

– The built-in handle helps you carry the bag without dragging it on the ground or walking awkwardly to the dip tank/scale.
– With a mesh insert in the bag, you can just pull the mesh liner out with the fish in it.
– Simply set it into the dip tank so fresh water can circulate through it easier while waiting in line.
– No more having to dump water out and pour it back in with the Accu-Cull Weigh-IN Bag system.
– The "Weigh Master" can use the mesh bag to weigh fish in so they are less stressed from being handled.
– Simply hand the mesh bag of fish back to the angler, putting the mesh bag in the water he carried up to the tank and taking the fish to the release boat.

Less handling, less mess and less time the fish are stressed.

The ACCU-CULL Grip Saver

Accu-Cull Grip Saver

NON Slip Heat Shrink grip is designed to simply cut the amount that you need to cover and protect.

– Comes in 4 different lengths (12”, 16”, 25” and 40") to cover all rods with ¾” to 1” diameter handle
– New 40" length works great for larger handles like nets and bigger diameter handle fishing rods
– Available in 5 different colors (black, red, green, blue, and yellow)

Simply use a hair dryer to shrink the diameter.

For example: To cover a 9” cork piece cut It 9 ¼” long to allow a slight overhang of each end.

The ACCU-CULL E-CON Culling Tag Kit


This tag system is environmentally friendly and conservation-minded.

It limits harm to fish and holds all day by putting it on the lower jaw.

– Easy on, easy off to retag another one.
– Now even easier with our improved design! Just pinch squeeze to easily set and remove the tag clip.
– No more searching for your tags.
– The tags mount right next to the Accu-Cull Weight Recorder where you need them, right in your life well.

The clip colors also match the lanyards. It’s easy, fast and reliable.

Proudly Made in the USA | Patent Pending